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Efail 50% Screen size-- This post was created for the “Email” lesson in Umbrella, the free, open-source security advice app for people at risk. Get Umbrella from Google Play, Amazon, and F-Droid. This week, security researchers released information about vulnerabilities in PGP email clients that could expose past or future content, even if it was encrypted. EFF [warned ( users of these email clients to disable or uninstall PGP plugins and switch to another secure communication method.

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iSEC Partners Umbrella App Code Audit


iSEC Partners Umbrella App Code Audit In keeping with our philosophy of supporting open source code and greater transparency for security tools, today we are releasing the results of a recent code audit of Umbrella App by iSEC Partners (made possible thanks to the folks at the Open Technology Fund.) In total, the code audit found three vulnerabilities rated as “low” and seven rated as “informational.” We have described the vulnerabilities found and our response to them below.

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