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We’re also designing a collaborative workflow to help you submit corrections. Visit our content repo or read our tutorial on how to contribute content for Umbrella.


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Umbrella is being translated into more than a dozen languages, and you can help.

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The awesome Localization Lab manage volunteer translators for Umbrella (read their guide here). If you are an organisation, the fastest way to see Umbrella in your language is to donate money for us to hire a translator. Thank you!


Wanna write code people rely on daily to make life or death decisions? We would love your help, especially in the following areas:

  • Android (Java/Kotlin) development
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  • Golang development
  • React development
  • Gamification
  • UI/UX

Take a look at our code on GitHub.


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Responsible Disclosure and Bug Bounty

If you find a security critical issue, please read our responsible disclosure policy.

Security First participates in the HackerOne bug bounty system, an information security best practice. In return, you get free swag and recognition. Visit our page and read the rules here. (Sign up for an account if you don’t have one.)

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