Security Made Easy

What we're about

Digital security used to be for banks. Physical security used to be for bodyguards. Not any more. We carry everything with us--our work, our finances, our most private communications, right in our pockets. We all know we should be more careful. But technology makes life convenient, and security can feel like it's slowing us down. We founded Security First because we get that. We also know you want to protect yourself and your team, wherever you're going. So we're making it easy, designing tools and training with your needs in mind. We're passionate about what we do. Let us help you put security first.

Our principles



Security First uses advanced, open-source encryption to communicate and to secure our tools. We don’t take your data or track you, so we can’t expose you. We will never add a backdoor. Ever.



We publish our source code and content for anyone to check. Please compile it, review it, test it, break it, hack it, and tell us what you think here. If you find a security critical issue, check out our responsible disclosure policy.



Anyone can contribute code or content, and reuse it for free. We adhere to the Content as Code standard to promote collaboration.



Security is complex. It has to be. So we're finding innovative ways to help you manage it. We're committed to making it easier for you to stay secure.



Security is for everyone. Period. We want you to use what we know, wherever you are, so we're committed to developing an effective translation process. And we'll always direct you to free, open source solutions when we can.


We aim to publish all our information for free. We are grateful to the grant-making organizations that have made this possible. Umbrella was launched with the generous support of the Open Technology Fund.

We also offer paid services, for when you need training and documentation customized for your team. Learn more about our training and services, or request a quote for a white label version of our signature security app, Umbrella.

Our team

  • Rok Biderman -> builds things
  • Rory Byrne -> secures things
  • Alex Guerrieri -> moars things
  • Holly Kilroy -> writes things
  • Vesna Planko -> designs things

Friends from the past now working on new things:

  • Mitesh Patel -> improved things
  • Adam Schakaki -> fixed things