Umbrella for Security Training: Five things you should know about Umbrella

Do you train activists, aid workers or journalists in digital and physical security? So do we. That’s why we built Umbrella, a completely free, open-source Android, iOS and web app packed with the latest security advice.

Get Umbrella from Google Play, iOS Store, Amazon, F-Droid or use the online web app.

1. Umbrella is based on trusted security resources

2. We designed Umbrella to solve the problems you face as a trainer.

  • Overcome information overload with an easy, lightweight reference tool that participants can take home.
  • Encourage follow through with checklists that reinforce and reward behaviour.
  • Update participants automatically as tools and advice evolve.

3. Umbrella covers operational security for all levels of risk and experience.

  • Lessons for beginner, advanced and expert participants.
  • Topics for work, travel and communication, from secure chats to counter-surveillance.
  • Guides to installing and running essential security tools.

4. Umbrella isn’t just a teaching tool—it’s a better way to manage security.

  • Get security alerts for your location right in Umbrella. Choose from reputable sources like the UN, or add your own custom feed.
  • Manage sensitive information for your team with built-in forms.
    • Travel Security Memo
    • Security Incident reports
    • Proof of Life

5. Umbrella is always secure.

  • Encrypt Umbrella with a password.
  • Disguise Umbrella or integrate with Ripple to hide it in an emergency.
  • We don’t track or share your data.

Help keep Umbrella up to date and relevant to your trainings! - Tell us how it’s going and request new features: - Submit a content issue: - Submit a bug report on the Umbrella Android, Umbrella iOS or Umbrella Web GitHub repositories.