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Rory Byrne: Co-founder and CEO

Rory founded Security First in 2012. His experience draws from over eight years in the human rights world, and also from his work in the military, in Westminster, and as a Certified Ethical Hacker. From a teenager in MIT Media Lab Europe to his role as the Head of Security & Research at Videre – Rory has a strong track record of identifying human rights problems and implementing solutions through the efficient use of technology. Previously he helped establish the human rights organisation, Videre – the world leader in the gathering, verification and distribution of covert camera footage. He successfully developed and trained hundreds of HRDs in a thirty-five module training program in areas as varied as encryption, counter-surveillance, covert filming, risk management and secure communications – cited by USAID as the industry leading standard. As someone who has spent the past five years working to protect high-risk HRDs, Rory is now developing the tool he wishes he had had.

Rory Byrne

Holly Kilroy: Co-founder & Head of Org Development

Holly has spent the past eight years building projects that leverage technology and civil society coordination to address issues of human rights and conflict. She previously worked as the Emerging Powers Coordinator at Crisis Action where she launched and led the emerging powers program, providing direction for both organizational growth and campaign traction across the BRICS. Prior to this she helped set up Videre, where she spent four years there as Head of Development, framing the need for safer, more effective video documentation and helping to launch projects around the world. Holly has also served as the International Officer for Irish Labour Youth and worked in communications for CSOs in Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and the UK.

Holly Kilroy

Rok Biderman: Lead Developer

Rok is a full stack web developer with 10+ years of experience. Originally from Slovenia, he's worked as a web dev / devops contractor for two regional banks and servicing and supporting e-commerce products - EU wide. He's comfortable with basically anything server-side - Lamp / Mean / Ror / Node.js, Php, while lately focusing on Go and Angular. For the last year or so, he has been working for various startups in London, amongst others 8 months as a first hire / generalist at Taskhub, now as a backend / devops in Dattch, one of the more illustrious London startups. Being a generalist he is stepping in to setup the very first version of Security First Umbrella Android client.

Rok Biderman

Vesna Planko: Lead UX/UI Designer

Vesna is currently also Lead UX/UI designer at Moni Technologies Ltd and before that was design and technical lead at Dattch, which won best design award at the 2014 @Launch Festival in San Francisco. Before this she was a freelance designer, working on visuals for global brands as Penguin books, Pokerstars, Air France and Nestle. She moved to London from Slovenia where she has also worked for a number of local projects as the design and UX lead for bank intranets and many e-commerce projects and has five years experience working in advertising agencies as lead designer.

Vesna Planko

Mitesh Patel: UX consultant

Mitesh is currently the UX Design Lead at Algomi Ltd and before that was the Design Lead for Microsoft’s MSN Network for seven years. He specialises in researching the physical worlds of his users before building the most effective ways to replicate this in a user experience. His background was originally in graphic design before moving into the world of screen through a postgraduate degree in multimedia design. He has previously worked for clients in the education, advertising and manufacturing sectors.

Mitesh Patel

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