Umbrella has been created with the help and input of the human rights, aid and open tech communities.

You can contribute to the project in a number of ways:


  • If you are from a grant making organisation you can speak to our CEO, Rory Byrne directly at (PGP: 2C1D3B4D)
  • BitCoin – you can donate BitCoin to 13ELGTYhHdKvgiRCquANYFq6EZRj21C3R9
  • Development Skills and Time

  • We are currently focused on improving the Beta version of Umbrella app on Android. We would love people to contribute to our project in areas such as
    • App Development
    • UI/UX
    • Encryption
  • Our app is open source and can be found on GitHub at here
  • Content

    We know that it’s impossible to be the fountain of all knowledge for something as complex as security. We welcome any security submissions to Umbrella. We’re building an open wiki so you can add or make comments to our content and we will use this knowledge in the app’s next update.


    We are looking for people to test our app in a variety of environments and fields. Drop us a mail if you are interested in doing some testing for us.

    Spread the word

  • Connect us to people who you may think will be able to help
  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter
  • To arrange a chat drop a mail to
  • Spread the word

    Share our developments with your network or to arrange an interview, drop a mail to

    Please share Umbrella with your network!

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    Because security must come first.